Our unique products are widely used for helipads, storage, shelter flooring, workshops and access-ways. Our product adds aircraft parking and heavy duty strategic matting to our capabilities.
Our product is developed with the user in mind, making it one of the most straightforward temporary flooring/matting systems available. The design allows rapid deployment, with the minimum of manpower and no specialist tools.
Widely endorsed by varying world-wide military and aid organisations, for ease of procurement all products are available with a NATO stock number.


The unique Helipad can be deployed in minutes over a wide variety of terrain. It's lightweight design requires little man-power and eliminates the need for tools. It doesn't even require securing to the ground. Providing a firm surface for even the worlds largest helicopters, it prevents 'Brown-Out' saving on maintenance expenditure and easing operational support functions.

Aircraft Support

Our product adds a new dimension as a direct replacement for am2 matting it is lighter, air portable, simpler to deploy than any metal system.
Can support almost all tactical aircraft and also doubles as expedient trackway where required.


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Camp Infrastructure

Not only used for flooring, our products are also perfect for linking structures together. Whether pedestrian or vehicular, Aviation Runways has a product to create access-ways for anything from troops to tracked vehicles.

Shelter Flooring

We provide a solid base for operational centres and shelters. It's lightweight and durable design is quick and easy to deploy for temporary or longer term use. For poor ground conditions such as Medical Centres, Mess Huts,Vehicle Workshops and Fuel or Machinery storage.